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Our Pattern

Our Pattern

Joyous Charity bases her work on the guidelines set by the United Nations General Assembly. We believe that we can achieve these goals in our nation, and also do our part in other nations as well. 

About Us

about us

What we do

Joyous Charity is an association created to empower youths, orphans and disabled, to develop their innate talent, create an entrepreneurial mindset, helping the less privilege and most especially teaching them the engrafted word of God.

We decided to create this initiative because, we discovered that many orphans, disabled and vulnerable youths feel rejected, abandoned and confused. We empower them, give hope to the hopeless, provide career counseling to the confused youths so they could pursue their desired dreams in life, we showcase their talents to the world, transform their minds joyfully with love and encourage them to stop complaining but come out strong to be job creators and great leaders of tomorrow.

Who we are

From two Members in 2018 to 6 Staff and 3 Volunteers in 2019 and in 2020, we submitted our documents for the Legalization of the Organization.

On the 08th of June 2021 Joyous Charity was Registered as a Civil Society Organization and given full status to operate as a Legalized NGO. We have Now 12 Staff and 8 Volunteers.

Atud Clovis Tendong

BA in Curriculum Studies and Teaching. Pastor and Humanitarian. Counselor and advocate for Children especially Orphans.
C.E.O and Founder

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2024 Projects

Our 2024 Projects

Ongoing Work

Our Projects

Orphanage Outreach | Dorcas Orphanage Mutengene Tiko Road

Woohoo!❤️💖🥰💕 what an exciting moment with the children at the Orphanage. The entire Joyous Charity team sincerely thank all those who supported...

Community Development in Kompina

Joyous Charity visited the primary school in Kompina village to do a Back to School Support, to take care of the school...

Hope Givers

Distribution of Free Bibles to Orphanages and Establishing the word of God as one of their core Curriculum in the different Orphanages....

Agricultural Projects

The agropastoral department of Joyous Charity visited God first orphanage on Saturday 11th of September 2021. Upon arrival, we notice that they...

Menstruation is a Fame and not a Shame

In times of Crisis, she still bleeds. Every month we donate Sanitary pads. Empower ladies by teaching them how to make homemade...

Disability is not inability

Joyous Charity believes in reaching out to persons living with disabilities and empowering them Economically and Socially. We plan to organise vocational...

Remember an Orphan

Joyous Charity has regular Orphanage Outreach Visits; Daily, weekly and Monthly. You can donate dresses, foodstuffs, Cash gifts, shelter, shoes, toys, non-food...

Education the Key

Education is a serious challenge in Cameroon. So many children lack basic school materials such as books, writing material, uniforms, school bags...


What people are saying

I love Working with Children. Looking at what Joyous Charity is doing, I'll be glad to serve as Volunteer, offer Administrative duties, counselling youths, give Psychosocial support to Vulnerable families and persons in need in the community. I'm glad to serve in this Organization in these various areas.
Atong Celine Enow
Counsellor, Administrative Assistant, Volunteer and Psychologist.
I love Joyous Charity and I'll love to serve as a Public Relations Administrator in Joyous Charity as a Volunteer and put in all my best to see that youths and Vulnerable Children are exposed to opportunities and are well-taken care of. I'll love to learn more and gain skills via volunteering.
Tetu Desyclair Ndum
Public Relations Assistant and Volunteer
I love what Joyous Charity does. I'll love to Support them by Introducing Agricultural and gardening projects in Orphanages and the community. Teaching Orphanages how to grow their own crops and rare livestock to self sustain them when Donation's are not coming. And to also empower youths and the community about Agropastoral Projects initiatives for Poverty alleviation, fight hunger(Food shortage) and Malnutrition. Joyous Charity is the best. Thank you for giving me the privilege to serve in this capacity.
Mr Ndajio Julius Nkemajen
General Coordinator for all Agropastoral Projects
I always know that a Great Life has never been my position( as Brand Manager, Singer/Songwriter, Marketing Manager). But it is about Service to others. And Joyous Charity has given me the opportunity to serve the orphans and the needy all over the world. I am Grateful
Kilo Gilbert Ringnyui
Technical, Designer and Media Manager
I love Children, Orphans and Underprivileged kids to always help. Meeting Joyous Charity, they do what I like, so I'll keep Supporting their activities
Mokom Raphael Nyam
Ambassador and Partner in UAE Dubai
I love working with Joyous Charity. I've learnt a lot just from working with Joyous Charity. What they do encourages me to put in my best.
Mrs. Teboh Catherine Anweck
Event Coordinator
I'm so pleased to work with Joyous Charity. I'm extremely happy with the good work Joyous Charity is doing. I'm glad to be part of the team. Count me in. I'll be there for Joyous Charity always.
Jana Diane Pajic
Ambassador, Partner, Learning and Training Manager
I'll love to work with Joyous Charity as long as I live. I enjoy the Great impact they are causing in the community. They are doing a Marvelous job! Keep up the Great Job.
Sabina Kimtchuisi
Communication Manager
I'm glad to join the Team. I'm happy to be in. Thank you for the Privilege. I love what Joyous Charity is doing. Keep up the good job! I'm ready to give a helping hand whenever there's a need.
Mr Walters Fomunyoh
Ambassador/Partner and Patron
I love Joyous Charity. I love working with Joyous Charity. Keep up the good work. Promoting a healthy Lifestyle has been Wendy's Passion over the Past 25years and More. She has worked in various settings educating people from diverse backgrounds and age groups about the importance of Nutrition and Physical Activity. Currently Serves as a Resource to Childcare centres throughout NYC helping them to achieve their best practice goals. Wendy Conducts Interactive workshop's with Children, families and staff via ZOOM and other virtual Platforms. When not volunteering at her church, Wendy enjoys walking, working out at the Gym and Cooking healthy delicious food for her family and friends. It will be wonderful working with Joyous Charity in any capacity.
Wendy Ann Moore
Resource Person, Ambassador, Partner and Program Manager
I truly Love what Joyous Charity is doing and I will love to Support them in any area they might be needing my Support. Joyous Charity is doing a Marvelous job. I love working with Joyous Charity.
Sylvia Puentes
Ambassador and Partner, Health Affairs Manager
I am so overwhelmed with Joy seeing what Joyous Charity is doing. I'll do my best to keep supporting your activities. Keep up the good work! I love Joyous Charity
Shana Placenti
Partner, Ambassador and Sponsor
I am beyond blessed to be a partner of Joyous Charity Ministries and work closely with my Brother Atud Clovis as he fulfils the calling and purpose the Lord has placed on his life to help, support, and care for the orphans and widows in his community. His testimony of being an orphan himself to now starting an Organization to be able to help those that need him is so powerful. I look forward to watching this Humanitarian ministry continue to grow and continue to serve the orphans and widows that are in need and I feel extremely blessed to be a part of this kingdom work.
Kimberly Meyer
Ambassador, Clinical Manager and Partner
I have a Passion to help especially Orphans in need. I love what Joyous Charity is doing. I love working with them.
Teke Joseph
Technical Adviser
Atud is like a son to me and I am so proud to support his God-given Ministry and the Vision he holds for Joyous Charity. Since I have known him I have witnessed his love compassion and commitment to this wonderful cause. I'm right behind him every step of the way and pray God will bless him and bless this vision to reach the far ends of his Nation so as to touch the hearts of many and change their destiny to reflect God's Glory on Earth. God is the answer Jesus Christ is the Key to ending suffering on Earth and we are the Ambassadors of this Truth to manifest on Earth! Shalom & Blessings
Elisabetta Di Nardo
Ambassador/ Partner and Fundraising Manager

Our Partners

revive missions
Revive Missions International
ALMA Healthcare Services

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Greetings to you all from all the kids at the Orphanage. We Love ❤ You. Thanks for always thinking about us. Please let’s continue to

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Back to School Campaign

Join us on Saturday, August 26, 2023, at 12:00 pm as Joyous Charity and Partners bring smiles to the faces of orphans and vulnerable children

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