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Molyko Buea

Malingo Street

Akou Gideon

Atong Celine Enow

Tetu Desyclair Ndum

I love Joyous Charity and I’ll love to serve as a Public Relations Administrator in Joyous Charity as a Volunteer and put in all my best to see that youths and Vulnerable Children are exposed to opportunities and are well-taken care of. I’ll love to learn more and gain skills via volunteering.

Mr Ndajio Julius Nkemajen

I love what Joyous Charity does. I’ll love to Support them by Introducing Agricultural and gardening projects in Orphanages and the community. Teaching Orphanages how to grow their own crops and rare livestock to self sustain them when Donation’s are not coming. And to also empower youths and the community about Agropastoral Projects initiatives for… Continue reading Mr Ndajio Julius Nkemajen

Kilo Gilbert Ringnyui

I always know that a Great Life has never been my position( as Brand Manager, Singer/Songwriter, Marketing Manager). But it is about Service to others. And Joyous Charity has given me the opportunity to serve the orphans and the needy all over the world. I am Grateful

Mokom Raphael Nyam

Mrs. Teboh Catherine Anweck

I love working with Joyous Charity. I’ve learnt a lot just from working with Joyous Charity. What they do encourages me to put in my best.

Jana Diane Pajic

I’m so pleased to work with Joyous Charity. I’m extremely happy with the good work Joyous Charity is doing. I’m glad to be part of the team. Count me in. I’ll be there for Joyous Charity always.

Sabina Kimtchuisi

I’ll love to work with Joyous Charity as long as I live. I enjoy the Great impact they are causing in the community. They are doing a Marvelous job! Keep up the Great Job.

Mr Walters Fomunyoh

I’m glad to join the Team. I’m happy to be in. Thank you for the Privilege. I love what Joyous Charity is doing. Keep up the good job! I’m ready to give a helping hand whenever there’s a need.