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Molyko Buea

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Hope Givers

Our Causes

Distribution of Free Bibles to Orphanages and Establishing the word of God as one of their core Curriculum in the different Orphanages. We distribute free Christian literature and Bibles to Orphans to enhance their knowledge about the word of God. We establish a Christian Library in Orphanages and make sure an orphan owns a Bible and have free access to Bible storybooks. So we have to plant the Word of God all around the world in different Orphanages. So it’s a huge project and we are calling on all from different parts of the world to support this project.

Donate For this project. Just a Bible can save a soul. Impacting the world through the word of God. Target, distributing 50Million Plus Free copies of Bibles and Christian literature, and Establishing a Christian Library in Orphanages, and making sure the word of God is taught in the Orphanage without any difficulties.