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Acha Grace Tanga

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Joyous Charity and Partners Supported a vulnerable Female disabled entrepreneur with a cash gift to expand her Business. ACHA Grace Tanga by name is a Single Mom with a disability who happens to be a graduate of the University of Buea due to the Financial difficulties she’s going through, she decided to Start-up a little table business to self sustained herself and her family as well as To be able to pay her tuition fees in school and that of her child. so when she reached out for help to Joyous Charity, we decided to assist her with a cash gift to expand her little lucrative business so it could operate on a large scale all thanks to our generous and wonderful partners who saw the need to help Grace. She was so happy when the cash was handed to her. though she has other challenges like her health needs medical assistance, her son goes to school and need support, she needs foodstuffs and bills to be paid. we are still open for donations if you are touched to Reachout to her or join us to keep Reaching out to such people in need on daily, weekly and monthly basis. together we can. Let’s support Women Empowerment, Women Preneur, and Disability support. For Partnership, Sponsorship or to make any Donation

Email: info@joyouscharity.org

Website: www.joyouscharity.org

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thank you all.

We thank Our Partners for joining us to give Grace this assistance at the right time when she needed it. You all shall never lack. We thank you all for supporting Joyous Charity to continue doing this Great job in Communities in need.

This is ACHA Grace Tanga.