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@MissLizTeatime Elizabeth Gagnon
@MissLizTeaMakingADifference #Podcast
@Joyouscharityorg remains Thankful for everything. We truly and sincerely appreciate this Rare opportunity you gave to us to feature on your Live Podcast program to share our TEA with the World. We had a Strong #TEA 🍡 #Time with you. Let’s smile Together 😊πŸ₯° We thank you so much #Miss #Liz for everything! We thank you for the πŸ’•invitation.πŸ’•πŸ™πŸ₯° We equally Thank you and your Team so so much for these beautiful and juicy invitation flyers.
Thank you so much for recognising and noticing the Incredible Work we are doing in this part of the country. We thank the entire TEA 🍡 Time Crew in Canada. Thanks for granting Joyous Charity the Global Platform on your Podcast Station to share with the world 🌍 what Joyous Charity is doing. What a Great opportunity. We don’t take that for granted. Thank you.
Let’s smile Together 😊πŸ₯°

We are open to collaboration and partnership. You can Volunteer with us! Join us today! Let’s show love to many Orphans πŸ’•

Joyous Charity!πŸ₯°