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Molyko Buea

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Supporting and Empowering Women

Our Causes

Supporting and Empowering Women with Capital to expand their business for self-sustainability. Our Beneficiaries are Femalepreneurs who are Orphans, people with Disabilities, internally displaced persons, and Widows.

We rise by lifting one another up. We encourage and help female entrepreneurs operating small businesses with cash gifts to expand their little businesses to large scale businesses. So we select winners through a competition put in place by the team and the Contestants are voted by the General public on our social media platforms and the 3 best winners are selected as in the case in this recent Program.

Three female entrepreneurs emerged as winners and the first is an IDP and university student doing small pastries business called Jemea Mokoli Ofemende went home with 100.000frs cash gift to expand her business.

The 2nd Prize to ACHA Grace Tanga, a single Mom, a Masters’s student in the University, and Orphan and Disabled, she does table business and she went home with a cash gift of 65.000frs to expand her Business, further her studies and take care of her child.

Then the 3rd Prize was given to Encho Glory an IDP, an undergraduate student who is into fashion. She went home as well with 35.000frs to expand her Business. We don’t only give out fish, but we also teach the people in need how to catch fish. Joyous Charity is a basket of homes for the Hopeless. We are always open to receiving Donations, partnerships, Sponsorship and Volunteers. Let us know if interested to join us as we continue to empower Women in Communities. Together we can. Join us for our subsequent Humanitarian Projects coming up.

 Let's smile Together.